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Information on 2-Place Tail-Pusher Aircraft

Many potential builders are interested in the possibility of stretching the Mini-IMP to make it a 2-place.  We have studied this possibility for some time and have come to the conclusion that it is NOT practical to try to modify the original Mini-IMP structure or concept to make it accommodate 2 people no matter how big or small they might be.  This is due to the very narrow chord of the Mini-IMP wing which precludes the necessary Center of Gravity travel that would be required when trying to accommodate 2 passengers in the airplane.  The fact that we have designed the Mini-IMP to take a great variety of engines and have thus found it necessary to place the engine very near the Center of Gravity of the airplane so that changes in engine weight will not compromise the design, makes it impractical to try to accommodate the various weights of a pilot and passenger and keep within allowable center of gravity travel on the Mini-IMP wing.  With the engine of the Mini-IMP mounted as it must be to allow for a great variety of engine weights and the desirable short tail length required for a satisfactory light-weight shaft installation, plus the problem of static, unloaded balance due to the far aft tail propeller installation (so that the airplane will NOT fall back on its tail without a pilot or ballast aboard) all contribute to making the idea of a two-place (tandem or side by side) Mini-IMP impractical.  The only way this might be done, would be to sweep the wings forward.  This would require a completely redesigned concept.  It is felt that the 2+2 larger IMP which we project for the future makes a much more practical solution. This version of the Mini-IMP configuration will have a very large baggage compartment which will accommodate two lighter passengers in “cramped-comfort” and will use engines of considerably greater power which are necessary in order to get the kind of performance that is desired for this type of aircraft.  The aircraft (IMP) will be essentially the 2-place configuration that is wanted by those people desiring to modify the Mini-IMP to a two place configuration.  It is our suggestion that these builders construct the Mini-IMP now, and this will prepare them for the more complicated and larger machine at a later date.


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